Sunday, 4 January 2009

Rocking Afghan

I've always loved bread. Toast. Bagels. Croutons. Rolls. You name it. I love it. 
I also love little buns in the oven. And I love making things for them. Like this! 

This time I'm not actually referring to bread made of carbohydrates... but more like my unborn niece. 

This is the afghan I've made for her. I started it in October, but then it got put on hold while I was finishing all of my other Christmas crafts.  But now that those are done I'm free to once again work on my other WIPs. (My SIL is due in March, so that's why it got forgotten for so long. And I'm even still done early.)

The afghan is sort of a odd shape. It's a rectangle about 85cm x 65cm. (or whatever that is in inches.) I think I made it too long on my first cast on, so I had to buy more yarn to finish it. But now I think it's sort of okay. Big enough for a baby to use, and maybe even a toddler. 

This is one of the projects I wanted to finish all those up before I start in on my new projects for this year. Cause works in progress, if left too long, never get finished. If I lose interest, they generally sit forever... just waiting to get done.

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stephchows said...

too funny that we both wrote about our love of bread hehe :D I love making blankets and fun toys for little buns in the oven too! Are you on ravelry?? my user is stephchows if you want to see some of my random projects :)