Thursday, 1 January 2009

Happy 2009, and my knitting resolutions

Happy New Year to all! I hope everyone has an absolutely great 2009! All the best to everyone!

I just got back today from a spiffy week and a half in that cold Canadian capital. It's been like a heat wave getting back to the bay area! I wore short sleeves when I went for a run this afternoon! It probably wasn't hot enough for that, but I did it anyways. Yet... in a way I do sort of miss the snow.

But back to New Years wishes! Today is a doubly special day around this blog. It's a new year and time to discuss New Years type things, but it's also my one year blog-iversary! One year ago today I made that silly post. And I've been making silly posts like it ever since. 
I think I've made a lot of good crafts in 2008. Some better than others. Some more useful than others. And looking ahead to 2009, I've been thinking about what my New Years resolutions should be. I'm not normally one to make resolutions... and in reality I'm not. What I've been thinking about is more my knitting goals for 2009. And here they are:

1) Learn how to knit continentally. Or left-handedly. Hopefully by the end of the year I will be able to switch back and forth between both methods. Just cause.
2) Knit a pair of socks. I never have! For some reason they intimidate me. I'm sure I can do it, and I've wanted to for a long time, but I just keep getting side tracked with other projects. But this year I will!
3) Knit myself a sweater that I actually wear. The one I knit in 2008 is ugly. Hopefully one of the two I have in my queue to do will turn out well enough that I will actually wear it! What's the use in knitting if the things you make aren't used right?

That's it. Well, for now. 
Happy 2009 to all.

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