Thursday, 1 January 2009

Last of the Christmas gifts

Phew. This is the last one. My last knitted Christmas gift of 2008! Good thing because.... well... it's 2009. (just in case you didn't notice!) 

It's a hot waterbottle cozy for my friend Coralie. She requested it. I offered hats, scarves, mittens... but out of the blue she wanted a cover for her hot water bottle. Isn't the hot waterbottle one of the world's best inventions? Well - it wouldn't be that useful in, let's say... the Bahamas, but in TO, I'm sure it comes in super handy! 

I knitted this cozy primarily on a trip to my grandma's and primarily from memory. I found the pattern and printed it, and thought I'd taken it on the trip, but when I went to cast on as I was sitting in the car... the pattern wasn't there. When I got back from my grandma's the next day I found the pattern on my desk... but by then it was too late. 

But I think that it's pretty close to what it would have looked like had I had the pattern in front of me. I did a cable down both the front and the back. One cable goes one way, and the other goes in the other direction. Even with the cable it was a pretty easy and pretty boring pattern.
Perfect for a driving trip!

And with that ends my 2008 crafts...
Welcome in 2009. I hope there's some great crafting in my future.

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