Tuesday, 1 January 2008

First Post

It's New Years, a time for new things, new starts, etc, etc. Why not a blog?
Mostly the reason behind this blog is that so that I can stop sending pictures of all my crafts to people and just post them here. Yes. A craft blog. Mostly knitting, crocheting and needlepoint. 'How old are you?' you might ask. Okay - only 27, but I love my crafts. 'Aren't you too young to knit?' is a question I often get. Nope. I learned at age 6, and have kept going since then. Sometimes I feel a little like I was born in the wrong century, but oh well. That's the way it goes. Can't stop me now.

So, I meant to have a picture for the first post, but it's a no go. It was going to be a pic of the sweater I'm making for my mom for Christmas (yes, the gift will be late, but I didn't start it until Dec 20 so I need a slight extension on the due date), but my camera is in my luggage that didn't make the connection in Chicago. Once I have it, the picture will come. 

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