Wednesday, 9 January 2008

What it's supposed to look like

So, If I was an amazing knitter (which I'm not) and if I was using these colours and these buttons (which I'm not), this is what the sweater I'm making for my mom would look like. Isn't it going to be a nice sweater? I think I'm doing a pretty good job on the knitting part, but it still probably won't look this good once I'm done.

As you can see from the last post I'm not using these colours either. My mom and I chose to substitute blue for the green, and for a while I was a little worried that it was going to be too 'flashy'. Here somehow the darker rose (I refuse to call it pink) blends into the dark green. Well, it doesn't do that with the blue. But now I think it looks pretty good.

I just measured and I'm at 12" along the back, and I only need 13" before I get to decrease.  I'm looking forward to being done the back, but I'm worried the arms are going to be even harder. 

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