Monday, 21 January 2008

minor crafts

So, I totally forgot these even existed until I saw them in my cupboard this morning. They're my signature half mittens, half gloves, vulcan approved apparel. That's what happens when you live in California... You forget about the winter things you make. Oops. 

Craft #4 - Mittens and hat

I had so much left over yarn from that sweater I made for my nephew that I made 2 hats (that was partially because the first one I made was WAY too big for a 1yr old's head, so that one went to my sister in law (same thing happened last year too!) and then a 2nd one got made that was smaller and more appropriately sized) and I still had enough to make these mittens for myself. 
I love these mitten type things. Half glove and half mitts, you get the best of both worlds. Warmer than gloves, but more mobility than in mittens. 
I made the pattern up myself, by modifying a mitten pattern I'd made a zillion times before. I like the white design I randomly came up with too.

Back to the sweater. After the frogging, things went okay. I'm more than half done the first sleeve. My biggest problem is going to be the yarn! Ah. I had to order more online, which was a little bit of a hassle. I couldn't buy it in a yarn shop down here cause it's Canadian yarn. It's called 'canadiana' for heavens sake. But at least buying it online was easy enough. Now I just hope it gets here soon! 

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