Monday, 27 July 2009

Am I crazy? Cupcake Trials!

Back when I was young and crazy...

No. Not that young... and I wasn't crazy then. That would be back when I was *really* young... and very cute. (**)
I said back when I was young and crazy,

There we go! That's the right age! ... 26. (oh to be young again...) I was a crazy girl who made my brother's wedding cake. Really. I did. I told you I was crazy!! Who, without proper training makes a wedding cake??!

Me it turns out. Yup. Me. Well, me and my brother, that is. See - that's us the day of (after the ceremony actually. Hence why he is in a suit and I'm in the bridesmaid dress), putting the finishing touches on. But all in all I think it turned out fabulously. It better have! I spent enough time on it! Between my brother and I, I calculated that we spent 24 hours just decorating it. (making icing, doing a crumb coat, doing the outer coat, adding all those silver balls, stacking, doing the scalloped edges, adding the flowers...)

After that day, I told myself I'd never be so crazy again. Unless perhaps one day I get married. Then perhaps I'd make my own cake. (My brother and I are cut from the same cloth... and since we are both so frugal, there's not much cloth to cut!)

Well, I'm here to tell you that three years later although I may be older, I am no wiser. Yup. I'm still crazy. And my craziness is what I'm here to report about today.
See, one of my best friends is getting married in September. So what am I doing? This time I am not only making the (fake) wedding cake (eek! details to follow in a month or so), I'm making (along with the bride and another friend) all of the cupcakes which will be served as dessert. Yup. You read right. ALL of them.
And so, in preparation over the last few months I've tried out a few possible cupcake recipes, but none were *fabulous*. And I want to make C. fabulous cupcakes! I do! So... this past weekend I did what any self respecting bridesmaid in charge of making 200+ cupcakes the week before the wedding would do. I made ~150 cupcakes as a trial. I needed to know how long it was going to take me to make them all (assembly line is definitely the way to go!), and I need to practice my decorating. (Still do!)

But look at them all!

Looklooklook! (Thanks Pops for the kitchenaid you got me for Christmas! I love it!!) Aren't you just dying for want of eating them!?

Now before we go any further, do not worry. I did not eat all 150 cupcakes myself. I'm bringing them into work tomorrow so that my coworkers vote on their favourite(s). On the whole I'm happy with the way they turned out. I'll give you a run down on the flavours, and the winners, after all of the votes have been cast tomorrow!

(**) - This is my absolute favourite picture of myself by the way. I have never been cuter than in that pink dress wondering which candy to eat next)

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stephchows said...

A-freakin_DORABLE!!! you are too cute and you are right, crazy!! Good luck girl!!! If you still need a good recipe try looking around Clara's site. She's done wedding cupcakes before and she rocks :)