Wednesday, 6 February 2008

being slow

I think I have a problem. A knitting problem. I may not be a great knitter or a fast knitter (I'm actually really slow), but I love starting projects. Or dreaming of projects. I just don’t always finish them all. Maybe I'm not the only one...

So, I’m almost done the 2nd sleeve for the sweater. I’m planning on finishing it during LOST tomorrow night. (well, unless LOST is so good that my hands stop moving as I yell at the screen ‘don’t go back with them!’ or something along those lines) Then all the parts will be done. Come the weekend, I’ll be able to wash, measure, and whatever else is necessary before sewing it up! Then there will just be the step of going to the USPS and sending it off! Hurrah.

But, here’s my problem… I’ve started another bear. Oops. I think I felt bad somehow that the other one was so boring and I messed up the head on it. So this time I *will* look at the pattern and make the head big enough. I promise! It’s a second chance to get it right. That and the bears are just sooo easy. Can you knit? Can you purl? Well, even if you can’t purl, then you can make these. You can do them in garter stitch if you want! 10 rows for the feet, 20 rows for the legs, join the legs and another 12 for the pants. Add 20 for the top, knit the head and then repeat in the opposite order. Add some arms at the end. Sew it up. And voila. Done.
Plus, it’s such an easy way to use of orphan yarn that you have no other use for and/or is too little to be used for anything else. And do I have lots of orphan yarn!

So now I have the two (active) projects on the go. I keep them in different parts of the apt so that they each get worked on. One by the tv, one by the desk. Hopefully they’ll both be done soon. Maybe

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