Sunday, 10 February 2008


I should just never set a schedule for myself - I never meet them. I wanted to be done the sweater by this weekend. I'm not. I'm tired of even writing about it, its taken so long. 
The first step (so says the instructions which I vowed this time to follow since I've so recently had a bad experience with not following instructions and this is for my mother of all people. this has to look good!) is to pin the pieces to the right size and put a damp cloth over them and let dry. Well, that's where I've been... for the past like 5 hours. Waiting for cloths to dry. And it isn't even like my gauge was so off. It was pretty close. It's not like any of the pieces are getting stretched or anything. But I'm going to follow the instructions. I will.

In other knitting news: I bought more yarn. Am I the only one who forgets how expensive yarn is until you get to your local yarn store? It's always a shock to me. Knitting is definitely not the hobby of the poor. Well, some yarn can be reasonable, but I couldn't find any in the colour/thickness that I wanted in anything reasonably priced. I even looked at... walmart. Then I went to the yarn store and found these nice ones to try. At least this time I had $20 from my yarn cards to offset the pain at the cash. 

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