Thursday, 14 February 2008


It is finally complete! 
(sorry for the horrible picture. I will put it on for a real picture when I'm not gross and sweaty from soccer)

I'm so excited that it's done! I'm pretty happy with it for he most part. But... (Here's a well known fact about me: I'm somewhat of a perfectionist, so it'd hard for me to ever really LOVE anything I make. Whenever I make something I have to comment on the one thing that I think I did wrong. In this case...) I think I was right - it is a little "flashy". Or at least it's too in your face, for my mom's purposes. There's too much contrast between the blue and the pink. I think that the colours in the pattern (green and pink) somehow worked better. It was a little more muted. But who knows, I have been surprised before, so maybe she'll like it.

I've already started on the knitted purse/bag in off time from sewing the sweater together. I was working on that while reading the last few days. It's not as easy as crafting while watching TV, but it is possible to knit and read. (Not possible to cross stitch and read!) I tried it out for the first time during the summer when I was reading HP7 for the 2nd time and crocheting that Ravenclaw scarf (fitting. I know.) and it worked okay, so I'm trying again with this book. You have to stop knitting to turn the pages and you can only do it with books that can stay open on their own (or you can prop open), so this will not always work.

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