Friday, 8 February 2008

On the Horizon

The sleeves are done! (Thank you LOST for not being so crazy that I had to stop knitting.) & come Monday the sweater should be finished. I’m sure I’ll post a picture then.

And so I’m already looking forward to my next project. Did I just use the singular? I meant to use the plural. Projects.

I’m thinking about making this bag for myself. Very easy from the looks of it, but I need a new set of needles to be able to make it. It uses much larger needles than I’ve ever used before. But I need a new bag and I like this sort of style of very simple satchel to carry my stuff around.

The other thing I’m thinking about starting, or at least starting to design, is my next wedding cross stitch. It’s for a friend of mine who lives in Alberta, and since Alberta is wild rose country, I thought that it would be a perfect thing to put on it! I looked through my books, and there was one wild rose amongst all the other flowers but I didn’t really like it. I liked this MUCH better, so I’m going to make it into a cross stitch design, and I’m going to do it old school styles. I put a grid over the flower, printed it out, and using pencil crayons (well, once I purchase said pencil crayons this weekend) I’m going to figure out exactly what colours to put where. I hope this works. I’ve never exactly tried to do it this way before… but it should work right? & while I’m sure that there are software programs out there that do this, I think it’ll be kind of fun to do it this way.

Well, we’ll see how frustrated I get while doing it.

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