Saturday, 4 October 2008


I'm on Ravelry. Finally.
I've been reading blogs for months and months where other people link to things on ravelry and I've always thought that it was some very secret society. Or at least some society where they wouldn't let people like me in! Silly people like me. You know, one of those ones where someone has to give you in invitation. Like gmail used to be before it was open to all us lay folk.
Well, I was wrong. All I had to do was request an invitation and wait a few days, and voila! I'm in. And I'm in love already! Really I am. I love that I can organize my yarn and needles and wip and everything! 
So guess what I'm doing today!? 
I'm going to organize all things craft related. (It's about time!) and then I'm going to craft like a runner on steroids. Or something like that... I'm going to craft a lot. Yay.

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