Monday, 26 May 2008

Random craft.

It's Memorial Day today. Yeah for long weekends.I've been working on the x-stitch pretty consistently (check out the updated slideshow a few posts down), but I did find the time to do a little craft I haven't done in years and years. Envelop making! I don't write nearly as many letters as I used to. I used to write tons. But for the few letters I do write, I still like to send them in fun envelops. Plain white is just so... plain. Coloured envelops are good. Pictured ones are better.
It all started when we had a ton of leftover paper from when my dad would bring my mom flowers. What are you supposed to do with that paper? I think I used it once as wrapping paper, but then one day I got this great idea that I could turn it into an envelop. After I made my first one I was hooked. I've made them out of tons of things. The flower paper, wrapping paper, newspaper, magazines, and calendars. So I got the idea to make some more this weekend when I was looking for something in my cupboard. I found a horse calendar. I have absolutely no idea how it got there. It's even a 2008 calendar, but I definitely didn't buy it. It's not the one I got for Christmas, since that is up at my desk at work. So the mystery of where this one came from remains. And since I wasn't going to use the calendar, I figured I should do something useful with it. Envelops. So, here's the general way that it goes. 

1) Rip open an old envelop that you can use as a pattern. (save this to reuse.)
2) Find the paper that you are going to make the envelops from. In this case, I ripped the calendar pages into individual sheets.
3) Decide what you want to have in the center of the envelop. Trace the pattern onto the paper so that you have the picture in the middle. 
Note: this can sometimes be tricky since the part you want is not in the middle. If that happens, then trace it like you would for the picture to be in the middle, even if the pattern goes off the edge. From the left over paper, trace what you need to complete the envelop.
4) Fold the paper into the envelop shape. Tape seams.
5) Marvel at your beautiful envelop. 
6) Write a letter to a friend so that they can marvel at your handy work.

Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Some mistakes...

See the red box? Well, every single stitch within that red box is all wrong. Wrong, wrong, WRONG. When I was filling in the spaces with the lighter blue, I realized that I missed two rows as I was going up doing the darker blue. Sigh.
So, now the question is: do I take all of those stitches out, or do I just continue and make it up as I go along? I can easily (possibly) just add two rows to the top variating between the blues so that it matches up with the other side eventually. I'd work the pattern properly on the other side. I want it to be the same dimension, so I wouldn't subtract two rows from the other side or anything. It's not like it really matters since it's just sky and cloud. It's not like the kid's faces are would be distorted.
It's only about 1hr or work, so I could rip it out in about 15 min and redo it... but is it really worth it? Will anyone notice? No. I won't even notice I don't think. It's not like knitting where the sleeves would be too small. I'm tempted not to redo it.

Saturday, 17 May 2008

Lovin' the slideshow

I'm lovin' the slideshow. Especially now that I've played with the contrast and brightness of the pictures so that you can actually see the x-stitch! That's very key I would think. Wouldn't you? I've gotten more done, and I think just because you'll notice it more in the picture, I'm going to start working on the sky some more next. Funny how now I'm thinking about what would be best for the slideshow, rather than just what colour is the most logical to do.

And I really do think that I will be ready for another knit project once I'm done this x-stitch. Now I just have to figure out what that knit project will be.

The slideshow has been updated in the last post. Look there for new (and improved) pictures.

Tuesday, 13 May 2008

The slide show (thus far)

Hunh. I thought I'd have more pictures than this, but it turns out I don't. Oh well. More to come, since I'm far from finished the x-stitch. But I think it's coming along nicely. Well, without further ado, here it is: (I hope this slideshow works...)

Monday, 12 May 2008

Coming soon to a blog near you…

I’m planning to post a slideshow of my latest project soon. The wedding x-stitch that I’m working on. I’ve been taking pictures of it as I work on it. In the beginning I was taking a picture every day after I’d finished working on it, but after a few days when I only did about 20 stitches, I got lazy. So there are some bigger jumps that have a few days shown.
But the cross stitch is going okay. I forgot how different it is to do a x-stitch than a knitting project. A lot more time is spent looking at the project, so it’s a little harder to watch tv effectively. I was watching The Kingdom yesterday, and I missed a lot of the subtitled parts because I was looking down rather than looking up. Made the movie less understandable, but at least I was productive during that time. Plus, t also takes a little while longer to see the results. Or so I think. But that’s okay because I’m enjoying the change. I think I will be ready for another knitting project once this one is done though.
Oh, and as a sneak preview, this is what the pattern is, but ignore the words. I am changing those. It’s not a traditional wedding picture, but somehow I think it fits. I just hope they like it.