Monday, 6 January 2014

A new bag

Um. (tap, tap, tap) Testing. 1..2..3? Is this microphone on?
Well, hello there blog. Um. It's been awhile. How are y'all out there in internet land? Me? I'm fine. I apologize for not calling you for awhile. I've been... busy? (blushes.)
But, I'm back momentarily to share with you a bag I made last week. I love it with the fire of a thousand suns. Yes. That. Much. So, I just had to post a picture or two of it.

I love it because it is a remake of a bag I had for years. A bag I used until it came apart at the seams. I fixed the bag once, and then it died again. The owl material on that bag was stained and coming apart. It was time for a new one. So, I took that bag apart, made a pattern, and sewed this new one. (go me!)
I also love this bag because of the material. I went on a fabulous trip to Paris last year, and thus I love anything that reminds me of that. And let me tell you - on that trip I stared at the Paris map for a long, long time.
I love this bag because, well, I made it. Not only hat, I made it and it didn't make me want to scream. Sewing normally does. Maybe I'm finally growing up.

... maybe.