Thursday, 6 May 2010

Traveling Woman

When I was in high school, I spent my summers reading. I was never a big reader until I was about 13, but after reading one great series I was hooked! You couldn't keep me away from the library!

Summers were the best. I had a few hours of tutoring work, but otherwise I was free to read to my hearts content. (yeah... I probably should have had a more demanding summer job. My life was pretty cushy back in those days) I'd curl up on this chair on my parent's porch and just read the day away. (Or I'd sit in the backyard, or under the apple tree... you get the idea.)
In the spring and autumn months I'd do that too. Only then I had less time and I'd wear this ugly cardigan that for some reason I was very attached to.

Yesterday I did the same thing. Only yesterday I put this shawl around my shoulders. It's my first shawl! (If you don't count the shawlette that I made for Corrie for her wedding.) It's a pretty pattern named Traveling Woman. The pattern is fairly simple and very easy to read.

I lightly blocked it, but I think I need to do so again so that lace design will stand out. I'm not great at blocking, so I was fairly tentative when I did it. I think I need to be more willing to stretch it into the definite peaks along the edge.

But, thus far I really like the results!
I loved the yarn when I bought it, didn't love it as I was knitting it (I was worried the colour was too dark), but am back to liking it. It's green with a little bit of a shine to it. Now I like it so much I'm considering wearing it to this year's weddings. Only... I don't think I have a dress to match it. (Maybe that just means it's time to go dress shopping. :) )