Tuesday, 15 June 2010


Sometimes you gotta try something new. How will you ever know if you like something unless you try it? New foods, new friends, new locations, new activities can all lead to an exciting adventure or discovery.
My latest new thing? Sewing!
Err... not that I've never sewn before... I just don't do it a lot. (I've never loved it in the past.) And this new project isn't just sewing. It's Quilting! Quilting definitely needs a capital Q. It's a lot of work! And it takes a long time! I've been working hard on this project. For about 2 weeks and hopefully soon I will have a finished project to share!
I think all of the hard work has been worth it! I'm very excited about it! Very, very excited by it. (So when I post about it, even if you think it's ugly please say nice things... :) )

(The above picture is my short test runs after threading the machine to make sure it was threaded correctly. It's not hard... but it's a pain to seam rip something quilted.)

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