Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Easy is good

In case y'all hadn't noticed... I've kinda been in a crafting slump of late. That's why it took me a month to finish this bolero! I just haven't felt inspired to knit or craft recently. Maybe it's because it's SUMMER. Or maybe because I'm so busy with a super secret project. Or because I play soccer 3 times a week. Or perhaps it's because I'm turning !30! . Um... no. I don't think that last one is it...
What ever the reason, I figured I'd do the only sensible thing there is to do. Go back to basics.
Garter Stitch!

I decided to make some dishcloths. You can't get more easy than that! Good thing they are super cute!!
But be prepared to see a lot of simple little projects over the next little while. I'm hoping they will pump me up and inspire me to do more exciting stuff!

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