Friday, 9 March 2012

little bigger

I've been sick over the past two days. I hate being sick. Yesterday I slept, and slept, and slept a little more. Today, home from work, I haven't really wanted to sleep. But I haven't felt up to doing much. So I do what I pretty much always do when home sick.
I watched North&South and knit.
Yup. I think the stereotype is that girls love BBC P&P. I've never really been a fan. But North&South? I would watch it a million times and still love it.

The last two episodes were just long enough for me to finish this hat.

When sick, I find it better to choose small, easy projects. Something that isn't going to overwhelm you. Also, it's probably best to knit with yarn that can be easily washed. Like I said, I'm sick. This hat is gonna get a rinse before I give it to someone!

And now that the hat is done, and the picture is taken, I'm going to go sleep some more.


stephchows said...

good call on washing it first ;) it's super cute!!

Corrie said...

Ah! I have to watch North and South! I have never seen it - and I do loooove P&P (BBC ver). Cute hat! You are so productive when sick!