Tuesday, 20 March 2012


I don't know how it happened... but it happened. Spring!! Well, really, it's been so hot these past few days that it's like summer. I went running today at lunch and was *drenched* in sweat by the end. It was soooooo hot. I mean... isn't it still March? Wasn't I out rolling huge snowballs just two weekends ago?
Not that I'm complaining. No! Although... I am slightly worried about just how hot this summer is going to be. You know?

But the warm weather means that this scarf I just finished is a little useless.

My spring/fall jacket has been too warm to wear the past few days. I take it with me to work just in case winter decides that, no, it isn't done with us. You never know in Ottawa. You never know!

But as of right now, this random scarf will have to live in my closet until next year. Time to start knitting with lighter yarn.


stephchows said...

I keep packing a jacket too! But it's going to be in the 80s today!! GAH!! I'm totally in full spring attire, skirt and cute heels!

Jeanne said...

My jacket wasn't done up this morning. And I still have mittens in my bag. Yet there's no way I'm wearing mittens today!

Corrie said...

I was keeping a toque in my purse, since I didn't really trust this weather yet! This scarf isn't useless - it will be a nice surprise in the fall. (since it is so cute!)