Monday, 7 January 2013


I love how crafty this past Christmas was. Earmuffs, hats, sock animals, and a drum. But this was my BIG knitted Christmas gift this year: A sweater for my 3 year old niece. 

I got the free pattern here, and would definitely make another one. In fact, I was wondering if I could use this pattern as a basis for an adult sweater. ... you know... for me! Although, I am well aware of my horrible track record for wearing sweaters I make for myself.

I also really like the plain, but cute buttons I found for the sweater. But, that is a story in and of itself. It took me forever to actually find some buttons, and then when I did? On sale! Yet, I didn't totally watch them ring it up. Instead of getting one set of buttons for 60% off, the clerk added 60cents to my total! Horrible. Okay... not so horrible. In fact, it was too much of a pain for me to even go back to the store to complain. So, whatever. I'm happy with the buttons and happy with the sweater! 

And now? 1) It's time for me to knit a few things for myself! and 2) Time to scan patterns and dream of what I'll knit family members for Christmas next year. 


stephchows said...

I would so go back about those buttons, but I'm crazy LOL. And the hat from the last post I missed is wicked cute too!!

Jeanne said...

The store was a little out of the way... I figure I'd lose money on gas if I trekked back there. Still. Annoying.

Corrie said...

The buttons are super cute!