Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Finally finished and Framed!

Here it is! Finally finished and framed even.
(Sorry it’s another post about this! It’s the last one, I promise.)

I ended up solving my dilemma by writing “September” in a different font than their names. I had to do that anyways so that it would fit! September is just too long and it would have been too tall to fit if I hadn’t used a smaller font.
On the whole I’m pretty proud of it!
But there are a few things that I would do differently next time. Most of them have to do with the framing, so it isn’t too big of a deal.
- I don’t like how far apart their names are. I actually redid the names twice, but wasn’t willing to do it a third time to get the spacing just as I wanted it. I really should have planned that one out better before hand.
- For the framing, the mats don’t totally match. As in, the mats aren’t perfectly square to each other. I should have done measurements rather than just using the mat that came with the frame as a reference.
- I should have cut the aida down to a smaller size, angling the corners as well and then used a sewing machine to finish the edges. As it is now the edges aren’t done. And it was hard to close the back of the frame. If I’d cut the edges so that there would have been no overlap, there would have been one less layer to have to close into the frame.
- I need better tape for finishing off. Hockey tape just isn’t where it’s at.

Now next time I just hope I remember all of this!!

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