Sunday, 28 September 2008

Sticking out & new yarn

Are you surprised when someone recognizes you and you think they shouldn't? I always am. I guess in most cases it has something to do with the red hair. In yesterday's case it may have had to do with the red hair and looking like I'm too young to be knitting. (although I'm way older than I look and have been knitting since I was 6. But, I digress.)
So, I went into my LYS yesterday and after nicely telling the middle aged lady that I was just looking around, I proceeded to spend about 1.5 hours picking out yarn for my four next projects. 4 projects! After the penguin, I've been floundering a little bit as to what to do craft wise. I've felt so weird about not crafting, but I never had time to get to a yarn store. (The store I normally closes before I'm done work on weeknights and if open for only a few hours on Saturday. Not idea. ) Finally, yesterday I got my chance! And did I take advantage of it. I think I spent $130+ on yarn. But at least I'm ready for my next 4 projects. 
So, I went to checkout with armloads of yarn. The woman who rang me up said - "I haven't seen you in a while." I took a closer look, and I recognized her too. She'd cut her hair since I'd last been in the store. But it's one thing to recognize the owner of the shop and another to recognize a patron who only comes in once every like 6 months. I told her that I'd been without a craft for a while and was remedying the fact. "Yeah," she said. "When you walked in I realized you haven't been around in a while."
What? Do I stick out that much? I did once pretty much imply I didn't want her help choosing the yarn for my project (Oops. I wasn't trying to be mean, but I didn't need her help...) but hopefully that hasn't made me notorious. Hopefully, she only recognized me because of the hair an age. Either way, at least I got to shop for an hour and a half by myself. 

And here's what I bought! 
The red is for a gender neutral afghan for a small bun who is going to become either my niece or nephew. (Yay!) The dark blue is a sweater for the same small miracle. The green will be a sweater for me! February lady. And the light blue is for leg warmers. Yes. I know... Leg warmers. We'll see how that goes once I get there. 

I haven't done much yet, since I only got the yarn yesterday and I've been busy with other things on my errands/rest day. (Oil change, shopping, Stanford volleyball game...) But I did my swatch, and it turned out okay I think. As close as I can hope for. 

And then I started the sweater. Can't wait to do more! Although for now, I'm off to soccer. 

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