Thursday, 26 February 2009

An Apple a Day...

... keeps the doctor away.
I’ve been knitting random project recently – like this apple! I started it last night and I finished sewing it together this morning. It didn’t take long, and the results are really cute. Next time, (and there probably will be a next time, but maybe it will be an orange or pear or some other fruit) I’d do a different pattern for the leaf. I didn’t like the leaf pattern that was given. It was a little jagged the way it knit up for me. I might try doing increases on the center rather than the outside to reduce that. And maybe stockinette rather than garter. We’ll see. But overall, a very cute few hour project.

Still, you may be asking: “Why the apple?” Because.

Because I’m avoiding big projects. Because I already had the yarn for this one. Just… because.

See, I’m going to go to the market at Stitches West in Santa Clara this weekend! (I’m really excited about it!) If you remember I went last year and was sooo overwhelmed that I didn’t buy anything! Nothing. The only thing I took away was a headache. Well, that is not going to happen this year. I’m planning on buying lots of yarn! I have a few big projects I want to do, and I know I will be able to find some great yarn there! So I can’t start anything new until I have said yarn.

I also really want to use up the yarn I already have in my stash. The half skeins of this and that I have left over from other projects are scattered everywhere in my room just dying to be made into something. This pattern was perfect for that. I still have lots of the red, but the green and brown came from such small amounts that it was a perfect use for them! I think even after I start some of the bigger projects I have in my queue, I really need to make an effort this year to be smart with yarn purchases and only buy what I’m going to use, but also use up what I already have. Hopefully I can come up with/find some other cute projects to do just that.

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