Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Right on Red

It's been about three weeks, so here is the next installment of my Kirigamis! (Thanks again J!) this time, they are the Red - probably in honour of Valentines day. Of the three weeks worth, this is my favourite one:
There are a bunch that I don't love in this bunch, but it was still hard to pick a favourite. There are three or four  that I really like, but in the end this one won. I like it because there is just so much going on and it makes a nice patter. 
I also really like the one that sort of reminds me of the Bird's Nest. You know, that building from the Beijing Olympics. The concentric circles one with the fold backs is pretty cool too. 
All done with just a little easy folding and cutting! 
You'll see those in the slideshow:

See if you can see the one that was meant for Valentine's day. Hint: it sort of has stylized hearts.)

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