Sunday, 1 November 2009


It's November!
What a useless month November used to be for me. In Ottawa, I remember how it felt like there was no sun during the whole month. Sooo depressing. It's tons better here by the bay, but still. The shorter days are starting to get to me. I do not like running in the dark.
But I no longer hate November. That was then and this is now! Like the last three Novembers, and along with a lot of other crazy people, I'm going to busy over the next month trying to write a novel. So, if I don't post very often... it's probably because I'm not knitting as much as I normally do.
Which brings me to this pattern.

When I saw its name - Ballard - I knew I *had* to knit it. I had to do it because last year I wrote a novel about a girl who lived in Ballard, Wa. (Read: Seattle.) I didn't mind making it one bit either. It's super cute!

Even better - I can definitely see my character wearing this hat.
It was a fun&fast knit. The lace pattern was super easy to memorize and it gives a fun wave feel to it. The only mod I made to it was that I used the alternate cable cast on. (And really, that's not much of a mod.)

I got the pattern off of ravelry, but if you like it you can get it here too. As you can see the ones in the pattern turned out sooo much nicer than mine. Part of that might be my not perfect knitting style (?) but I think a lot of it has to do with the yarn that I chose and that I totally messed up the blocking of this hat. I just shouldn't have done it.
Yet, I love the colour of the yarn. I think it's perfect for this hat! I guess you can't win every battle.

Anyways, wish me luck with my November. Ima gonna need it.
(& I do have a few project stashed for posts. Come back on Thursday for a good pattern for a lil dude.)

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stephchows said...

the pattern came out great!

t-4 days till operation SF!!! gahhh so excited!!