Sunday, 11 April 2010

So long. Farewell. Auf Weidersehen

The other day my roomy called me over to look at a few things that she found on etsy that she liked. Man. There's some great stuff on etsy! Well, one of the things she liked was a newsboys hat. She told me that she loved it so much that she was going to buy it, to which I said: "Hells no. I'm going to make it for you!!"
Honestly, does she not see me knitting/crocheting every day?? Does she have so little faith in my knitting ability? Does she not know that I *love* making things for people?
The hardest part was to decide which pattern to make! In the end I used this one and made this:

I don't love the result, but the roomy seems to like it well enough. And I'm glad! Because it makes for a great farewell gift.

Yup. That's right. I'm moving. Only 3 days until I have to be packed and out of the apartment and on a plane back to the cold white north! I can't believe it. It's scary and exciting and scary! But hopefully, mostly exciting. (There will be a whole post about this soon...)

But back to the hat. I've actually made three now. One of my other friends saw it and said she liked it, so it was a no-brainer to make another one. They are so fast to crochet up! It's a fun, simple pattern, and I wanted to do a better job on the 2nd one. Not sure if I accomplished that... but I hope I did.

Plus. These days I'm loving things with button.


stephchows said...

ooo totally great job! i like the color of the second one too a lot and the buttons oh the buttons!!! good luck with the move girl!!!

Jeanne said...

Do you recognize the yarn steph? It's what's left over from the bag I made you. So good thing you like the colours! :)