Friday, 30 April 2010

Weekend Armwarmers

I've been wearing arm warmers all week. (I'm wearing some right now as I type!) Some days I wear them just because arm warmers are cool, and other days because the weather's been cold.

What's up with that? Com'on. It's almost May!

But even if it wasn't cold, I would wear these arm warmers. In fact, I have worn these to work many times. They're by far my favourite of all the pairs I've made and bought! (And that's saying something.)

I saw the pattern here, and loved it. Who doesn't love Dr Horrible?
Unfortunately, I had to do a lot of modifications to make them as awesome as they are. The main problem I had was because of the yarn I chose (it was pretty stiff), so I do not blame the pattern. But here's what happened:

Doesn't it look cute? This is the result from the first time I knit this sucker up. Cute, cute, cute. (The first time I made them all the stripes were blue, but then I realized I wasn't going to have enough blue to do both, so I added the white stripes. Perfect. And stylish? Jury's still out on that one...)
So, they looked cute when sitting on a table, but not so much when they were on my arm.
Look here:

Look at all that extra yarn. Yuck! They didn't fit at all. They practically fell off.
So I frogged them. But first I used my markers to figure out how many stitches I would need where to make them fit (assuming no stretchiness). (See two pictures above.)
With that recorded, I set out and knit them again. And this time I didn't knit them straight, like the pattern suggests, but knit them on the round. So much faster for me. And I decreased/increased where needed. And VOILA! Added the flap and buttons (love the buttons too), and that's what was needed to make my favourite arm warmers.


Corrie said...

Cool! Love them! And I love their documented lifecycle! :)

juicyknits said...

They look amazing. Good you increased/decreased, I've got a pair of cably handwarmers that are too big.

stephchows said...

totally cool! and the buttons always make them super fun :) I could use a pair today, my boss has the AC bumping in here!! BRRR!!