Sunday, 24 October 2010

Halloween in Norway

When I saw the hat pattern for From Norway with Love, it's totally understandable why I wanted to make it. What isn't understandable is why I decided to make it with orange.

What is up with that? Isn't this the most obnoxious hat you ever did see?
So I will be keeping this one. I don't know who else would wear this! And to be fair, there are some good things about the ridiculous colour combinations. 1) Cars will be able to see me when I go running. 2) No one's going to steal it. 3) I have an orange hat just in time for Halloween.

But I liked the pattern enough that one day I just might make another one.


stephchows said...

You could make them to sell at my college book store :) RIT colors are orange, brown, and black... yeah not sure what they were thinking... but our mascot is a tiger... so I guess it makes sense...

love the heart pattern though!! you should do the hat in grey and the hearts in some bright color :)

Jeanne said...

Yeah. The hat would look way cuter in better colours! I do think I'll try making it again. Hopefully that time it'll look better.

Corrie said...

I thought it looked very cute and festive on our run on the weekend!