Sunday, 3 October 2010


I can't explain it, but sometimes there are just projects that I *love* to knit. Sometimes they are the randomest things too. Some are easy. Some are hard. Some are because of the yarn. Some are because of who I'm going to give it to.

I just started one of those projects. I'm in love with it.

It's hard to explain why. I don't love the colour. (Free yarn from my Grandma. She gave me some of her stash last weekend because she can no longer knit. :( ) And I don't love the raglan increases, but I am in love with the image of the FO I have in my head. It's going to be so CUTE!
But really, I have no idea how this is going to turn out because this is another one of those patterns that I'm making up as I go along.

See... I have this problem. It's a stealing problem. Yes. When it comes to knitting I'm a kleptomaniac. I stole so many things for this sweater. I stole this lace pattern.

I saw the little bunnies in another pattern and thought - I should use that. So I am! I stole of the body from a sweater I gifted last year for Christmas. And I think I'm going to steal a few other ideas for the sleeves.

But that's how it goes with knitting. Isn't it? See something. Love it. Use it. Make it into something new. I just hope my stealing ways turn to profit, cause this could be one cute Christmas gift.

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stephchows said...

totally not stealing! just reinventing :)