Thursday, 24 February 2011

Too blue

I've made myself a few sweaters over the years. But for some reason the all tend to end up in the back of my cupboard. They're only worn when there is NOTHING else to wear. And I mean nothing! Why is that? Is my knitting that bad?
Well, I really hoped that I would end this bad streak with this sweater I made about a month ago:

I thought it was a shoe-in for best sweater of the year! Cute pattern. Easy construction. Nice bright yarn. (That I just happened to have sitting around...)

But it turns out... nope. As you can see, I couldn't even get a good picture of it!
I wore it once, and while I liked it... it just didn't fit right. My fault. I didn't adjust the pattern. So I gave it to my SIL who hasn't been cursed blessed with stupid big swimmer shoulders. I'm hoping it'll fit her better and she'll get more wear out of it.
And I guess that sends me back to the drawing board.


stephchows said...

bummmer! hmm maybe it will strill work for me and my big swimmer shoulders :D I think I'm going to go with grey though :)

Jeanne said...

maybe I can help you size it a little different so that the shoulders will work. ... let's chat about it before you start yours.