Saturday, 19 March 2011


This story has a point, so stick with me. Okay?
So about 7 years ago when I had just moved to California I met Cyrille, a friend of a friend who was originally from France. His English was very very good, but when you are talking a language that isn't your mother tongue it's understandably there were still some things that he would get wrong.
Cyrille was big into surfing. And if you've never been to Nor-Cal you might not believe me when I tell you the Pacific is quite cold there. You wear a wetsuit. Some people wear neoprene caps! And gloves. And one day Cryille informed us that he really wanted to go get himself some booty... It took us a moment to figure out he really meant he was going to get some booties to keep his feet warm!
Maybe you had to be there for it to be hilarious...

Why am I relating this random story? (Other than the fact I love random stories??) Well, I was thinking about it because I made baby booties!

I got the super simple pattern from here, but to be honest... I'm not sure I'm in love with them. They are sort of cute... but will they really fit a baby's feet? I don't know. And I don't have a baby to try them out on. Oh well.
No real reason for making these. Other than to use up stash yarn. (you might recognize it from a recent sweater...) And I'm sure there will be someone soon to whom it will be appropriate to give these little gems. I just have to hold on to them until then.


stephchows said...

Ok those look like cartoon feet booties hehe. I bet they will fit a little babies feet just as good though :)

Corrie said...

Ah, Cyrille! Forgot all about him!