Sunday, 27 November 2011

crocheted key cozy

So, I had a request for a crocheted key cozy. I was only too happy to try it!

I think I like this one even better than my old knit one! But I feel I must warn you that the results were a pass and a fail at the same time. Pass because I really like it. Fail because I'm not sure how easy it will be for someone else to recreate it.

Why? Because I had used this tiny, tiny, tiny crochet hook. Does anyone else have a crochet hook this small? I worry, no.

I inherited this hook from my mother, who I bet got it from her mother. The size on the side says England 9. It is probably from the days when things like crochet hooks were actually manufactured in England. I looked it up online, and size 9 is definitely not a contemporary size UK9.

So if you can find a hook small enough that you could make socks with it... That isn't to say it can't be made with a different size of yarn and hook. It can.  This is just what I did.

Also, this is what I did for my key. There are so many different kinds of keys out there. You may have to modify it depending on the shape of your key.

My Key Cozy notes 
(I pretty much took the knitting pattern, and made it with SC. )

Yarn: Noro sock yarn
Length: Not that much. Just some scraps.
Hook: really, really small.

Chain 10 sts. Join.
Ch 1. SC into every stitch in the round. Join round.
Ch 1. {SC1. in next stitch do 2 SC. SC4} repeat. Join.
Ch 1. {SC5. in next stitch do 2 SC. SC1} repeat. Join.
Ch 1. {SC1. in next stitch do 2 SC. SC4. in next stitch do 2 SC. SC1} repeat. Join.
Ch 1. {SC1. in next stitch do 2 SC. SC6. in next stitch do 2 SC. SC1} repeat. Join.
Right about now you should probably be trying it on your key. All keys are different and here I realized I'd needed to increase one more time. Maybe you won't have to. 
Ch 1. {SC1. in next stitch do 2 SC. SC8. in next stitch do 2 SC. SC1} repeat. Join. (Optional)
Ch 1. SC to end. Join.
Put key into the cozy. Make sure the yarn is above the top of the key. Do another SC row if you have to.
Ch 1. SC looping through stitch loops on the left and the right to join them together above the key. Do this until you get to the notch where you attach it to the ring. SC until the other side. SC other side together as well. Ch back to tab.
Ch1. SC around.
Ch1. SC through stitch loop from left and right to end.
Pull yarn through.

My key then looked like this.

I sewed the yarn in and done.


stephchows said...

so cute! and nice job converting it from knit to crochet!

Corrie said...

Very cute! I was sad when your other one unraveled, nice to see you have a new one! :)

Laura said...

Jeanne, This is a beautiful and sweet work for the key! My husband has quite some similar keys, so maybe I can make his key bundle funnier when using your suggestion :-)
And finally I will be able to use the tiny crochet hooks that I have - one is so tiny that probably it is meant for crocheting hair...
Thank you for the inspiration!

teresa said...

Your key cozy is so cute, Jeanne, and your tutorial is so great. Thanks for linking to my post, too

AlbertaBelle said...

Thank you so much! I actually DO have a small enough hook so I'm raiding my yarn scraps tonight! Thanks again for converting it for us non-knitters! :-)

Jeanne said...

Albertabelle - So glad you have a hook that's small enough and that this is helpful. Let me know if you have any questions and I can try to help. (ps - love your name!)

Anonymous said...

So cute! Those tiny crochet hooks are usually used for thread crochet. I also inherited a lot.

jacar said...

I have a complete set of these smaller hooks, they are for fine threads mainly, #30 for example...I used to make tons of old fashioned doilies with them.

Jeanne said...

I love that other people have crochet hooks this small!

Unknown said...

The England hook 9 is comparable to the US steel hook 9 or 1.40 mm