Saturday, 17 December 2011


Can you believe that there's less than ten days until Christmas? Where did the time go? Why haven't I done any Christmas shopping? Like, none. How did this happen? Oh yeah. I was on vacation last week. (That's a valid excuse, right?)
This is my second (annual?) trip to Vancouver/Seattle, and if possible it was even more fun and more cookie filled than last time. Hard to believe, but true.

But because of all that cookie making and coffee drinking, I didn't really spend any time crafting. In fact, the only thing I finished on the trip, I knit on the plane (while watching, but not listening to, Beauty and the Beast. I am awesomely smart and checked my headphones.).

I pretty much based the pattern off memories of this hat. So simple and such a fast thing to knit up. And, I think it looks okay when on a head. Not as cool when it's just sitting around, but such is life.

And now I just have to figure out which family member/friend I can pawn this off on lovingly gift for Christmas. And I need to find a few other quick crafts to start, and finish, in the next 9-ish days. Eek.


stephchows said...

ooo it looks great on you!! maybe you should just keep it for yourself... although that means you need to make even more things in the next week!

Jeanne said...

Oh. I forgot to post an update. My (soon-to-be) SIL said she liked the colour, soo... I gifted it to her. Already. (she is not around for Christmas because of work. :()
But the hat definitely grew on me. I might have to make myself one.

Corrie said...

That hat looked super cool on you, and kinda boring on the table! hah! Glad SIL liked it! :)