Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Random Gifts

So it turns out that I'm known by my armwarmers.Look at what my office manager Anna bought for me! Aren't they the best?
Similar to the sweater and scarf I have at work, I also have armwarmers there. On really cold days in the office, if I wear the sweater and the scarf. (I find that you lose a lot of heat through a bare neck. I'm more likely to wear a scarf than a neck at home during the winter.) On semi cold days, I wear the sweater. On only sort of chilly days, I wear the armwarmers. I love arm warmers. They might not be haught cuture, but whatever. They are knitted and they are cool. 
It was a great surprise when Anna brought me these. They aren't knitted, but they are still cool! And I'm totally going to wear them. If only I could read the Japanese. 
I've also started on that new project. The off white cardigan. I think it's going pretty well. It's pretty easy so far. There's some detailing with knitting/purling on the wrong side, but for the most part it's just stockinette stitch. I'm half done the back, and I'll post a picture once I'm done that part. 

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