Friday, 7 March 2008

Sucker for a Sale

I’m a sucker for a sale. Don’t get me wrong – I hate shopping. I always have. I’m not one to rush out for Black Friday or Boxing Day sales. That sounds like a horror story to me. But put me in a store and if I see something on sale, sometimes I just can’t refuse. Like I can’t refuse buying cute Christmas cards in January when they are marked down to $1, and are normally like $20. I don’t care about storing them for 11 months if I have to pay 5% of the original price.
Now, the same is very true for yarn.

So I finally decided on a cardigan pattern that I’m going to make. It’s boring, but that’s what I wanted. Actually this one has more going on than the one I have at work right now. I’m going to make it in a similar sort of colour as in the picture. I think the hardest part is going to be putting in the zipper. Hmm. But challenges are good right?
So since I’m not in love with my LYS (it seems they only carry really expensive yarn) I ordered it online. I went by the picture and reviews of the yarn online, so I hope it’s nice once I get it. Now I just have to wait for the ordered yarn to come.
Until then, I’m making more mother bear bears. They are just so easy and fast. & did I mention easy?
But back to the sale… Even with stacks of yarn at home clogging up my already small room, I just couldn’t stop myself from looking at what was on sale at knitting zone, and then I bought 3 mismatching balls of yarn for a baby afghan. I don’t even know anyone who is pregnant anymore! Which begs the question: When and why would I make another afghan? But it was too good a deal to pass up. The yarn is in such cute baby colours (one white, one mixed baby blue and one mixed baby pink) and it said that the yarn was soft, and they were on sale for $3 each. How could I say no? When this is going to turn into a baby blanket? I have no idea. I guess at least, when the next baby comes along at least I’ll be ready. Well, when I find a pattern I’ll be ready.

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