Saturday, 11 October 2008

Calorimetry and my Aunt Again sweater

If only I had buttons! Then I'd be done two projects. Seriously. I would. 

So I knitted like mad yesterday. I was having a lot of fun with the Calorimetry pattern that I found on ravelry, and I just had to try it! And I knew just who to try it for. And I knew just what yarn to use. It was like fate. Or destiny! (um... yeah. maybe not destiny.) So as soon as I was done this little baby sweater

(minus the buttons, which I'm going to try to remedy today) I grabbed the frogged yarn and started. 

I frogged the yarn as I was updating my ravelry stash last weekend. There are a bunch of great things that have come from ravelry. (Can you tell I'm in love?) One has been the free patterns. I'm always on the look out for a new pattern. Right now I need a sweater pattern for my 2yo nephew X. I've found a few possible ones on ravelry, and now I have to decide which one to do. Another good thing has been organizing stuff. I've found all my needles and logged them and put them in the same place. Now I know what I need for certain projects and what I already have. Same for my yarn. It's been catalogued, and now I know what I have to work with. I also frogged about 90% of my unfinished projects. 

That's where I got the yarn for the Calorimetry. Three years ago at the insistence of my best friend, that her other best friend would die of happiness if I made her arm warmers our of this yarn we saw, I bought the yarn and proceeded to make one arm warmer and never get any further. Yup. That's me for you. All good intention. No follow through.

But when I saw the pattern, it was just perfectly MC, that I had to make it for her. So I did! 
As you can see, the yarn does not compliment my hair colour at all. And if I was going to make it for myself, I would definitely not do the 15 repeats that are in the pattern. I'd make it a little smaller. Maybe 11 repeats? Perhaps I just have a small head, but I had a hard time making it lie flat. 
But I still really like it and do think I'll make one for myself. 
After I try a Tudora for my sister. And the February sweater for me. And the baby afghan. And the legwarmers. And I found a HP bag I might want to try and I think I have enough yarn to do. See! Ravelry is great... but I might just spend the rest of my life knitting. Forget socializing... that is... unless I can bring my knitting along. 

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