Friday, 17 October 2008


Who is excited about knitting right now? Me. I’m very, very, very excited!
Why am I so excited? Because last night my best friend sent me an email saying that her quilting room is freezing. Only 10C! (She lives in Canada and the room isn’t on the main heating.) And the exact moment I read the sentence I knew what I had to do. I HAD to make her arm warmers! I LOVE arm warmers! Adore them! Always have! I wear them ALL of the time. Even when my coworkers look at me like I’m an idiot for wearing them, I just smile and pull them a little snugger.
So any chance to convert someone into my way of thinking about arm warmers, I am so there. Especially when it’s my bestest friend.
I thought about making her full on arm warmers up to her mid-bicep, but she wasn’t so keen on those. But she did like the idea of wristlets. So wristlets it will have to be. After numerous emails with possible patterns, the choice was for fetchings. Dark ones. (picture below is from the pattern, and hopefully mine will look similar.)

So I will be going back to my LYS this weekend in search of just the right yarn to quickly knit up a pair of finglerless gloves for her. Because they are the best, and she is the best.

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