Thursday, 11 December 2008

When good things happen to bad crafts.

I really, really, really, really want to learn how to continental knit. Really.
Right now I knit using the old fashioned throw method and this is why it isn't as good (from what I can tell):

1) It's slow.
2) My hands hurt after I've been knitting for a while, and I think I'm going to give myself early arthritis in my knuckles.
3) Did I mention it was slow?

So last week on someone's knitting blog I read a random comment about continental knitting. To show you just how little I know, I thought to myself: 'Continental knitting? What's that??" So thanks to the glory of youtube, I now know what it is. All that's left to do it actually learn it.

After looking a bit on Ravelry for a really simple stockinette stitch pattern, I found one. And I really want to try it. (Even though I'm supposed to still be knitting Christmas gift(s) for my family!) But I didn't have the yarn necessary. So, I spent probably about 2 hours last night frogging an old craft. I made this purse earlier in the year and never, ever once used it. Okay - I used it ONCE, but then decided that there was something totally wrong with the strap (It stretched way too much with any sort of weight in the bag) and I didn't like it.
So, it had the yarn I needed and wasn't something I was ever going to use, so this is what happened to it:

Frogging takes a lot longer than one might think! Especially since I sewed it with thread rather than yarn (I ran out of the yarn...)
I really hope I can master continental knitting quickly. I'm a little worried since I'm so right hand dominant, and you have to use your left hand a lot is seems, but I'll let you know how it goes.

(And as a total side note: I made cookies for the cookie exchange hosted by Batter Splattered and this is who got my cookies. I'm so glad they were liked. Now I'm just waiting to get mine from someone else.)

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