Monday, 22 December 2008

When in Canada...

They say: When in Rome, do as the Romans. Well, a slight modification to that would be, when in Canada, do as a Canadian would. Well, if you are a smart Canadian you bundle the h*$& up. It's one thing to know snow is cold, it's quite another to have it blowing in your face.
Quite seriously, I went from going outside in a tshirt last week (and being chilly) to waking up to this outside my window for the past 3 mornings:

Oh lovely home. Yes that is a road out there with a stop sign. This was taken before about 12 snowplows went by. 
This may sound like complaining, but it's not. I actually sort of miss the snow. No. Correction. I do miss snow. I miss having to wear all sorts of lovely knitted type things. I miss being able to have snowball fights and skate outside (not that we can go on the canal yet and probably won't be able to while I'm here). Snow and cold is something that just is a part of life that I sort of miss. 
I don't miss freezing cold feet. My toes have been so cold ever since getting her. But I'm also not going to complain about it. With only two weeks a snow a year, I think I can deal.

But it gets me to thinking - I knit now because I love it. I think my mom only ever used to knit out of necessity. No wonder ALL of our mittens were made out of the same pattern. She didn't have time to add embellishments. You got to choose the colour. Maybe you even got to choose two colours for a stripe, but the pattern was always the same. She had to knit for 4 kids and there was no time to be fussing with cables or fair isle detailing. Unlike me where I can wait a week or two to finish a project and it really doesn't matter, if the kids didn't have mittens our little fingers would have been frozen!
But my Bella mittens have been invaluable. I love them even more now that I wear them EVERYWHERE I go. And they've stretched a bit, so they do fit over the sleeves of my winter jacket. I'm not sure if I'm happy or sad about that.

Anyways... More pictures to come of real crafts. I simply cannot wait to give the crafts I've made for Christmas this year!

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