Thursday, 19 March 2009

Pics to tie you over

It's been a while, but I've been busy! Busy as a bee or an ant. And a lot more busy than a jelly!Really? What do jellies do other than float around? Sure, they are super pretty, but they aren't very industrious. And they are only pretty when you have a glass wall between yourself and them, rather than encountering them in the ocean or on the beach!
What does busy have to do with jellyfish? you might ask.
Busy is what happens when work suddenly explodes at you two days before a visitor arrives. So I spent two long days at work and then I've been off the last few showing my sister around the Bay Area! Fun!

Although, unfortunately this is what happened when we went to the Golden Gate bridge:
But if that isn't San Francisco weather, I don't know what is! It was a gorgeous day everywhere else in the city, but as soon as you got close to the bay: BAM! Fog. Typical. You couldn't even see it from where we parked. It was in a cloud. And even when we were right at the uprights, you couldn't see the top.
But we didn't let that get us down. From Fisherman's wharf we did get a good view of Alcatraz. And we walked the gorgeous streets. And we had an amazing view for something else in the city:

We saw Wicked on St. Patrick's day! It was sort of fitting - a show about a green girl. I loved it! We had really good seats and the whole thing was fabulous. awesome. super. spiffy. Dare I say... wicked!? The acting was great. I loved the story. And the music. And the costumes were ridiculously gorgeous. I liked it so much, I'd go again!

Then yesterday we went to Monterey and Big Sur. It was my about fifth time at the Monterey Bay aquarium, and it never gets old. I love it so much. The fish. The jellies. The otters. The penguins. All favourites!
So, there are some non-crafting pictures to tie you over... But expect other crafty type things soon...

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