Monday, 23 March 2009

Stash Hat

I sort of made a deal with myself back before I went to Stitches West. The deal was that I could buy new yarn if and only if I tried really hard to get rid of the yarn I had in my stash. Bit by bit I've been chipping away at my skeins I have left over from past projects, and the shanks that I bought with no real project in mind. These projects tend to be small because they use yarn I have on hand. 
Here's another one. A Meret, or Mystery Beret.

I made it out of the leftover yarn from my February Lady sweater. I had about a half ball left and it was a good use of it I think. The pattern is easy to follow. I made a medium with one inch of st st and then an inch of ribbing for the bottom cuff and I like that style. But definitely, definitely if you make this pattern add the extra repeat of the pattern to make it slouchy. This hat is tight, and looks a little funny without the added slouch. 

If I had enough yarn, I'd for sure go back and add in the extra rows. 

And in case you were wondering about those socks I mentioned I was planning on making... Well, I'm here to tell you, FEAR NOT. I am working on them, and hopefully one of my next two posts will sock-astic. I made the first one without a hitch, but I sort of lost steam and that's where some of these mini projects come in. But I'm back at them, and they will hopefully be done soon! 

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