Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Stash Hat two

Have you ever had this happen to you? You hear a word that you don't know the meaning of and you look it up, all the while thinking that the word is so archaic or obscure that you will never encounter it again. But you look it up anyways. Then the next day you read it in a news article. Then someone on tv uses it. Next it appears in a novel you are reading. Suddenly this obscure word is everywhere! making you think that it isn't actually as obscure as you thought it was. 
That's happened to me tons of times! (maybe I just have a bad vocabulary?)

Anyways, it's happened again, but this time with knitting. 

For a while I've been trying to put a serious dent in my stash by doing smaller projects to finish up orphan skeins or yarn I bought with no real purpose in mind. So I've been looking at lots of hat (toque, beanie, beret, whatever you want to call them) patterns. I've been trying to find different styles so that maybe next year by Christmas I will have amassed enough to give one to everyone in my family. 
One of the patterns that caught my eye was a simple hat with a snowflake pattern on it. Okay. It's not like I've never seen a snowflake pattern before, or even never seen this snowflake pattern, but I hadn't seen it recently. It was a nice simple pattern, so that's what I decided to take with me on the latest trip that I took. And suddenly I'm seeing the pattern everywhere. First on the comforter that was on my bed at my parents. Then my bestest friend left her mittens lying around and I noticed that they too had a very similar pattern to the one I was doing:

Would you look at that? 3 totally different items? Same snowflake pattern! 
The hat is supposed to have the snowflakes all in one colour with one MC on the bottom and a different one on the top. I was going to do an all grey hat, but then half way through I realized that I might not have enough grey for that. Since I was on a plane and didn't have a third colour I decided to just swap the colours for the top.
I think this was a bad decision. 1) I ran out of white. I have more white here, but it meant I had to stop working on it on the flight. 2) You lose some of the detailing in the middle when you make this change. There is one unique row where the mirroring happens that you lose if the snowflake isn't one colour the whole way.
On the bright side, it did use up all of the left over grey yarn from the shrug. 

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