Thursday, 11 June 2009


As I mentioned, I just got back from a trip to visit my family and some friends. It takes a long time to get from PST to EST let me tell you! Anywhere from seven to ten hours, depending on the layover time, since there is no direct flight much to my chagrin.
But, as they say, every cloud has a silver lining. Those hours are never lost. It is perfect reading or knitting time! So along with the Hermione hat, during my traveling hours I worked on this Bombshell Betty. It's sort of an adult version of the Aviator baby hat I made a few months ago.

Lucky for me, I was at my parent's when I finished this up. It meant I got to raid my mother's button jar to find something that would match! Err... sort of match. Well, close enough. I even put on a 2nd one for stability.

Yet, I think I must have been overtired while knitting this on the plane. I had woken up prior to 5am to catch my flight. The numbers just didn't match up. I tried to do as the pattern said on the side flaps, but something was way wrong. ... so I fudged it. And that turned out okay. I'm a little worried it won't be overly warm since it only covers the cowl of your head, but it does cover your ears...
50% isn't so bad. Hopefully.

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stephchows said...

you ROCKKKK!!!!!!!! This thing is awesome and I love the buttons :) I don't want it to get cold out but now I have something to look forward to when it does because I"ll get to wear this cool hat!! Thank you again!!! WOOHOOO!!!!