Sunday, 23 August 2009

I can crochet

Looking back at recent posts, I noticed that I haven't blogged about many crafts recently. That is all about to change. I have been crafting. Crafting like mad actually. Just I've either been a) more excited about other blog posts or b) waiting until the right time to post about big things.
It still isn't the right time for the big craft... but I have a lot of little ones to write about, and for whatever reason, this is the first one.

A crochet hat.
When I was in University, my SIL taught me the basics of how to crochet. She's never been much of a knitter, but you give her a crochet hook, and she goes at it! So I know the stitches: single crochet, half double crochet, double crochet. Sure I can theoretically crochet, and have. Just like with knitting patterns, being able to crochet, and being able to read a crochet pattern and follow it correctly are two very different thing. Drastically different. Last time I tried, I failed horribly.
This time I had more luck!

The pattern was actually really easy to follow! I was so happy about that. I did have to modify it a little bit since the original pattern is a kid's size. I added an extra increase row and then just kept measuring it in relation to my head until I thought it was long enough.
I wasn't planning on putting the white band on it, but I think it looks okay. I actually ran out of the blue, and had to frog it back so that all of the bands with the single crochet were white. But it turned out pretty nicely I think.
And best of all, now I sort of think I know how to follow a basic crochet pattern. Score.
And as a plus, I have another hat in my ever growing stash of Christmas gifts. Everything else has an intended recipient already, but I have no worries that I'll find just the right person to give this one to.

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