Monday, 28 September 2009

A Cake made of Styrofoam

When is a cake, not a cake? When it's styrofoam.
Yup. So here's the first set of pictures in the way of recap from last week. It was a busy week!! Bridesmaid-ing is hard work let me tell you. But fun! So much fun!

The two layers above are just styrofoam. On top, I put fondant. Horrible, beautiful, fondant. Sometimes it works. And sometimes it doesn't.

This layer, the top layer, was a real cake. The idea was that no one was going to eat this cake, but the bride & groom wanted to be able to cut the cake. So I made a $1 box cake and then covered it in fondant to go on top. I put ribbon at the base of those layers, and then the rest of the decorating was done by other fabulous ladies.
Enter the other 3 bridesmaids, some fresh cut flowers, and a lot of discussion.
And in the end, the cake was beautiful. Although I can't take full responsibility for it, but I am pretty proud of it. I think it looks pretty freaking fabulous. And I'm guessing with the flowers, fondant, cake and Styrofoam... it probably cost about $75. Not too bad.

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stephchows said...

you did a great job girl! Man wedding cake is so just not worth it LOL