Thursday, 10 September 2009

Side projects

I'm a very good procrastinator. Very good. Too good probably.
But I procrastinate in a weird way. I procrastinate by making myself busy. I don't avoid work. I just avoid a certain thing by doing other things. Related things. So, sometimes while I'm avoiding doing one craft I'll do other small ones. I feel they are justified because they won't take very long. That's how all of these little things came about.

I wanted to use another one of my fabulous buttons, and so I did with this mug cozy! I like my old one, but I love this new one. And such a good use of the flower button.

Here's another dishcloth from this fun, from this easy pattern. It was knit up in just a few hours and it used up the last of that yarn. (I'm glad about that!)

A cuff. The cuff is based off of the same pattern as the cozy above, but it's to warm my wrist rather than a mug. I just liked the basket weave feel to it.

There are a few more small projects I've done that I haven't posted about, but I'll get to those... eventually. But I'm more excited about the post of my big craft of Summer'09. That'll be coming in just about a week.


Anonymous said...

nice stuff..

stephchows said...

Good job finishing a bunch of projects :) Nice use of the button!