Monday, 27 June 2011

Easy Bookmark

Back about a millennia ago, when I was in high school I kinda had a thing for collages. Odd. I know! Would you expect anything else from me? I don't know why, but I really enjoyed finding a way to mix different pictures/ads to make something new. I made a few posters (yes. random.), but more often than not I covered folders for school.
This is one of the favourite folder covers I did:

I don't remember where I got picture for "Do you hunger for something more?", but I thought it was a great launching point because it had so many answers. I don't know how long it took me to find all the words around it (Recognize the "maybe" as part of the maybeline font? Oh, I thought I was so clever.)

Well, I was going through an old box on the wknd, when I found that folder. At the same time I found some other old ads I'd saved. So, I figured, why not do another paper craft. Enter the bookmark idea and a confessions.

Yes. I get a lot of books out of the library. (That is not the confession.) Yes. I am one of those people who turn books, leaving them propped open and breaking the spine in the process. (That is the confession.) Sorry to all of you out there who hate this. But I never have bookmarks around when I need them! (I guess this is the good thing about having a kindle or the like?)
So with an old heavy piece of cardboard, a few pic on thin yet glossy paper (taken from a free NZ map I got on my trip there last year), two pieces of double sided tape, and an exacto-knife I made this:
Not as pretty as one of my old collages, but it also took way less time. And now I won't break the spine of a book. Well, that is until I lose this book mark too.
(PS - isn't my old copy of Heidi the cutest book ever?)

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stephchows said...

rock on! such a fun project!