Tuesday, 14 June 2011


Back in December, I went to Vancouver for a week. During that time, I lent my car to my bro and SIL since they only have one. At that time, my SIL's mom (Mrs. C) came to town via the train. I figured - "I'm not going to be using my car. Someone might as well." Plus, my SIL's mom and I go way back. It's not like we have weekly phone chats, but I've known her since I was about 14, and she's a crafter, (She used to take me to craft fairs and out to dinner when I was in University) so I'd say we're friends. :)
Anyways... when I got back from the Vancouver trip and opened up the trunk of my car I found a whole bunch of yarn. Now, that in and of itself might not be weird, but I didn't recognize this yarn at all. And yes. I have *a lot* of yarn in my stash... but not that much!
Turns out Mrs. C. was kindly giving me some yarn she didn't know what to do with. I gladly brought that yarn into the fold, and when deciding to use it, I figured I would keep it in the family. Thus, I made my niece this:

My gage was a little bit off from what is recommended in the pattern, so I scaled down the number of stitches to 102, but otherwise I pretty much followed the directions to a T. (Or an N if you will.)
It is an okay pattern. I do wish I'd followed my gut and added more stitches after the cabled top. The skirt part doesn't have enough flow/room for my liking... But oh well. Still cute. Ish.
I'm still debating about the buttons. (I've been having button choosing trouble lately, haven't I?) And then done.


stephchows said...

Adorable! And so much fun finding surprise yarn in your trunk!!!

Corrie said...