Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Blogiversary 4

Today, it pretty much snowed all day. It is January in Ottawa. I probably shouldn't be surprised. Yet even after all that snow, somehow there was only a thin layer of snow for me to brush off my car at going home time. So, all in all, not too shabby.
Plus, it gave me a chance to try out the new cowl.

Yes. I have a weird facial expression here, and a weird camera setting going on...

Is it any better in B&W? (Thnx Steph.)

Anyways, I got the pattern here, and really like it the look of the cowl. But if I was going to do it again, I'd do it with much thicker wool. The pattern is mostly SC which means it doesn't grow quickly. I could have made this cowl wider, but just got bored and decided - good enough. 

Right? Hope so. I'm already looking forward to the next project.

Speaking of projects... it's time for the 2011 round up, because, earlier this week was my 4th blogiversary. Crazy. I tallied the numbers, and as I thought, I didn't nearly knit as much in 2011 as I did in 2010 or 2009. This year I knit:

Sweaters: 3
Hats: 16
Scarves: 5
Mittens: 3

That's it. That's all.
But I've felt it's been a good year for doing the crafts I really want to do.  Hopefully that trend will continue in 2012.


stephchows said...

happy blogaversary!! wow 4 years! go you! even if this was a slow year that's a TON of things you made!!

Corrie said...

Happy Blogoversary! You looked shocked to be wearing a cowl!