Thursday, 1 October 2009


OMG. It's me with straight hair!

It is possible! Who knew?
Well... It's possible, but not easy. I can't do it. Actually, some professionals can't do it. Seriously. One time when I was getting my hair done for a wedding the stylist couldn't straighten it. She quit half way through and decided to go for a curly look. No joke.
So when I had straight hair last weekend I knew I had to take advantage of it. Luckily I had just finished this cute hat and had a reason to model it!

This hat is called a Durango and I got the pattern from here.

This hat also gave me a good way to use up some buttons. The green ones are from my February Lady sweater. (I've since swapped the buttons because I didn't like the green on green.) And the white button is from my stash of gift buttons. I love finding ways to use those buttons. :)

The pattern is pretty easy to follow. I think I'm getting better at reading and implementing crochet patterns!! Yay! Well... for some reason I did have to add three more rows of DCs to make the hat long enough. Not sure what's up with that. Otherwise I followed the pattern.
Close enough?


stephchows said...

You look adorable hehe The hat is wicked cute! OK why is it that peeps always try to take away our curls for fancy occasions?? I say embrace the crazy ass fro known as my head! :D

Angharad said...

Thanks for the comment on my race! You look ridiculously cute in that hat!! My hair is flat as a pancake (not a good thing) so unfortunately I cannot empathize...